About Abloom


Abloom is a Norwegian advocacy NGO raising awareness about and creating meaningful and empowering activities for:  

* People living with disability in general - especially children and youngsters

* Ethnic minorities living with disability in Oslo and Norway in general - especially children and youngsters.

* Refugees and asylum seekers in Norway living with disability - especially children and youngsters

* Families and support network of all of the above mentioned

We also communicate with and engage governmental and non-governmental organizations, private business and other areas of society to join the fight for a better life for all people living with disability. 

We now run a year round organization, a pop up festival for children only called Mini Abloom. We help refugees and asylum seekers, we operate a daily free consultancy service for those who need it. We participate in all kinds of platforms, political environments, lobby meetings, and the list is long. And we are just getting started!

Abloom film festival:  

This festival brings together Norwegian and international films and guests to discuss important issues related to disability. The 2017 Abloom film festival will be the 6th year in a row that we invite young and old to take part in this celebration. From just a few people the first year - we are now aiming towards close to 3000 participants in this year's festival. Hope you will join us! 

Abloom Film Festival is the organization's main yearly event. We screen movies from all over the world, and the main aim of the festival is to promote movies of amazing quality about disability, empowerment, role models, community and other essential topics. We also have an opening conference with high ranking cultural celebrities and politicians. Debates, entertainment, voluntary work (refugees and disabled basically run the festival!), movies and networking - that's Abloom film festival! 

 We believe it is possible to discuss important issues related to living with - or life with children and young people with disabilities, in a way that is uplifting and creates a positive narrative. Abloom is an aggressive and warm fighter against isolation and stigma. Everyone is welcome - everyone is invitited. 

Each year, the festival has a particular theme! In 2017 our theme is: "Somebody to look up to! Role models for everyone." This particular topic is important to so many of our users because they tell use again and again that they have grown up without role models. In real life and in the media: nobody looks like them, sounds like them, moves like them. And that can be damaging for a young person - who may already be isolated. 

Film is a medium that can reach everyone. Through film we tell stories where feelings and dreams are shared. 

Our mission is to create awareness of equal rights and opportunities for all. 


The festival was created in 2012 as Handy Film Festival, but we later switched its name to Abloom Film Festival. The very word 'abloom' means, obviously, in full bloom, which is supposed to reflect what the organization and its departments represent. Abloom was founded by Faridah S. Nabaggala, who herself is a mother of a child with disability.

The 2012 film festival included project short movies, a pilot film and a film by Dissimilis, among other things. But since the festival only lasted one day we could only screen one documentary film. We received lots of positive feedback for finally creating a film festival aimed at at with our target group. So we decided to really go for it - and expand the festival and organization every year! This took a lot of hard work, sweat and tears. But also lots of joy, new contacts, friends and wonderful people joined the cause. 

Growth and strength

Since then the festival and organization has grown a lot. The festival in 2016 had 2650 participants! This year's festival in November will also have a children's day, kick-off event, youngsters' day, kindergarten day, family, a full-blown conference and much more. Growth everywhere!

And more and more people are joining in as members, volunteers, political contacts, allies and supports... Now we are truly proud to call ourselves a dynamic, energetic and effective organization. 

 Every child and youngster living with disability shall be cherished, SEen and Heard!

LEADER AND INSPIRATION: Ablooms founder og director, Faridah S. Nabaggala, keeps on working for the most disadvantaged children in Oslo and Norway. Photo: Abloom

LEADER AND INSPIRATION: Ablooms founder og director, Faridah S. Nabaggala, keeps on working for the most disadvantaged children in Oslo and Norway. Photo: Abloom