Newest member of ECFA

Happy new year!     " BREAKING NEWS "

We in Abloom are very happy to announce that we have become a member of ECFA. ECFA stands for the European Children's Film Association and their goal is to communicate with children and create a positive atmosphere against European films and to watch political and economic aspects through cinema. With 100 members from 36 different countries, they create a positive impact on the future generation. Abloom is proud to be a member of ECFA! Keep yourself updated on this years Film Festival of 2018! 

"Dear Faridah Shakoor Nabaggala, dear people at the Abloom Film Festival,

ECFA considers this a great opportunity for us to keep in touch with organizations like Abloom, with such a specific profile (about which we’d like to find out more ) and in such a specific region"


Abloom film festival 2018

This festival brings together Norwegian and international films and guests to discuss important issues related to disability. The 2018 Abloom Film Festival will be the 7th year in a row that we invite young and old to take part in this celebration. From just a few people the first year - we are now aiming towards close to 6000 participants in this year's festival. Hope you will join us! Facebook

Mini Abloom in districtStovner 2018

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Abloom PICNIC 2018

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