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Background for the project

Since the start of the organization, Abloom has registered that taboos, delusions and superstitious theories affect people with disabilities. Especially in some minority environments there may be strong perceptions that disabilities are a punishment from God / gods. The cultural and religious background of these environments and individuals propagates to new generations. Abloom takes no position in theological questions, but we fight for the everyday and future of the disabled.

Objective of the project

The main objective of the project is to change attitudes and behavior in minority environments that perceive disability as a punishment from God / gods. The idea is that a change in attitude / behavior will give minority families with disabled children a better working day where they do not have to fight against prejudice and negative attitudes to the disabled.

Target audience for the project Primary target groups are those we want to influence: Minority communities and their attitudes towards the disabled. We are especially thinking about environments where there are strong stigma associated with having a child with a disability for various socioeconomic and cultural-religious reasons.

The target group (s) for the project are churches and religious groups in Norway, and we want a special focus on leaders and resource people in the religious communities. But our core target group is the families and individuals living with disabilities and the various stigmas.

Funded by the Ministry of Culture

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Faridah .S.Nabaggala

I did not own knowledge. Today I am a very knowledgeable lady. I do not see my son as a punishment, but as a blessing, says Faridah Nabaggala, the woman who has devoted her life to making life a little easier for all disabled children - and their families.

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The project will have a number of partners. We have chosen to collaborate with many religious and religious communities - both Muslim organizations and other life and faith communities, embassies (listed above). In this way we help to develop dialogue work and cooperation between different communities / communities and other actors locally. So far, 12 religious communities have agreed to participate in the project Abloom Breaks down Taboos.

We are excited to bring so much faith in the project and look forward to further cooperation with them and the other faith communities we recruit.

Contact: post@abloom.no

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Funded by the Ministry of Culture